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Chapter 3: Going Out - Field Activities

This chapter compiles an assortment of field activities to support multiple visits to the bosque. These include activities that support observation skills for a class's first introductory field trip, as well as activities to develop students' critical-thinking skills in follow-up field trips.

Planning a Bosque Field Trip

Successful field trips to the Rio Grande bosque depend on pre-planning. Here are recommendations and tips.

Practical Field Trip Tips for Educators

  • Make reservations with the agency to be visited for field trip.
  • Complete individual school or district permission forms for fi eld trip.
  • Arrange transportation.
  • Give informational letters to parents—include list of items for students to bring and an overview of the trip.
  • Make a pre-visit to the site of fi eld trip to be familiar with the area and to prepare student activities.
  • Prepare Bosque Education Guide activities.
  • Discuss with agency contact the purpose of field trip.
  • Clear lunch or snack plans with host agency.

Things to Bring on a Field Trip

  1. Children should be clearly labeled with first name, school name and telephone number.
  2. Dress for the weather. Winter weather requires a water bottle and, as a minimum, a jacket; hat and gloves are recommended. Summer weather requires sunscreen, hat, water bottle and insect repellant. Long pants and sleeves protect against bosque shrubs; however, students should remain on trail away from these hazards. Shoes during any season should be sneakers or boots. Sandals are not appropriate for trail walking.
  3. No snacks or lunches should be taken into the bosque. Wild animal diets don’t include Twinkies, Cheetos, paper or straws.
  4. Educators should have the paperwork required by their school for field trips, including emergency contact numbers, in their possession.
  5. Students need to understand they are visiting another creature’s home and should treat it with respect.
  6. Water should be available in any season.
  7. Journals, clipboards, paper, pencils, colored pencils, bingo cards or scavenger hunt lists can be brought. All should be secured in backpacks or other devices so they are not dropped and become more trail litter.

Download all of Chapter 3 (1.6 mB pDF)

Chapter Activities

  1. Bosque Search Bingo (411kb PDF)
  2. Bosque Discovery Booklet (164kb PDF)
  3. Field Explorations Booklet (160kb PDF)
  4. Naturalist Notebooks (216kb PDF)
  5. Scavenger Hunt (303kb PDF)
  6. Wildlife Detectives (117kb PDF)
  7. Crawly Creatures (120kb PDF)
  8. Pitfall Trapping (352kb PDF)
  9. Kick-net Kritters (691kb PDF)
  10. A Rose By Any Other Name (277kb PDF)
  11. Reading the Bosque (213kb PDF)
  12. Winter Bud Activity (137kb PDF)

Spanish Activities

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