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November 22, 2023

Albuquerque, NM – A team of researchers that includes New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science (NMMNHS) Executive Director Dr. Anthony Fiorillo authored a new study that reshapes our understanding of how the most famous dinosaur to ever walk the earth – Tyrannosaurus rex – first arrived in North America by introducing its earliest known relative on the continent.  

“This important discovery, made in New Mexico and co-authored by New Mexico researchers, demonstrates that our state remains at the forefront of scientific research and inquiry,” said Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. “New Mexico’s cultural institutions continue to lead the way on groundbreaking work in their respective fields and remain a key pillar of our statewide economy.” 

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, identifies a newly discovered subspecies of tyrannosaur known as... Read More...

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