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Dawn of the Age of Dinosaurs in the American Southwest



Table of Contents and Preface to Original Edition
Heckert, A.B. - Foreword: On the 2005 "Reprinting" of the Dawn of the Age of Dinosaurs in the American Southwest
Lucas, S.G. and Hunt, A.P. - Dedication to Dr. Joseph T. Gregory


Kirby, R.E. - Late Triassic vertebrate localities of the Owl Rock Member
Murry, P.A. and Long, R.A. - Geology and paleontology of the Chinle Formation, Petrified Forest National Park and vicinity, and a discussion of vertebrate fossils of the southwestern Upper Triassic
Long, R.A., Lucas, S.G., Hunt, A.P. and McCrea, R.T. - Charles Camp: collecting Late Triassic Vertebrates in the American Southwest during the 1920s and 1930s
Hunt, A.P. and Lucas, S.G. - Late Triassic vertebrate localities in New Mexico
Murry, P.A. - Geology and paleontology of the Dockum Formation (Upper Triassic), West Texas and eastern New Mexico
Small, B.J. - Post quarry


Lucas, S.G. and Hunt, A.P. - Revised Triassic stratigraphy in the Tucumcari basin, east-central New Mexico
Dubiel, R.F. - Depositional and climatic setting of the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Colorado Plateau


Ash, S. - A catalog of Upper Triassic plant megafossils of the western United States through 1988
Kietzke, K. - Calcareous microfossils from the Triassic of the southwestern United States
Good, S.C. - Nonmarine Mollusca in the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation and related strata of the Western Interior: Systematics and distribution
Murry, P.A. - Microvertebrate fossils from the Petrified Forest and Owl Rock members (Chinle Formation) in Petrified Forest National Park and vicinity, Arizona
Davidow-Henry, B. - Small metoposaurid amphibians form the Triassic of western North America and their significance
Hunt, A.P. - Comments on the taxonomy of North American metoposaurs and a preliminary phylogenetic analysis of the family Metoposauridae
Small, B.J. - Aetosaurs from the Upper Triassic Dockum Formation, Post quarry, West Texas
Ballew, K.L. - A phylogenetic analysis of Phytosauria from the Late Triassic of the western United States
Hunt, A.P. and Lucas, S.G. - New genotype designations for the phytosaurs Mystriosuchus and Rutiodon with a discussion of the taxonomic status of Mystriosuchus, Clespysaurus and Rutiodon
Hunt, A.P. - Cranial morphology and ecology among phytosaurs
Hunt, A.P. - A new ?ornithischian dinosaur from the Bull Canyon Formation (Upper Triassic) of east-central New Mexico


Parrish, M.J. - Late Triassic tetrapods of the North American Southwest
Murry, P.A. - Paleoecology and vertebrate faunal relationships of the Upper Triassic Dockum and Chinle formations, southwestern United States
Padian, K. - Did "thecodontians" survive the Triassic?


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