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Mineral Monday- Online Edition

Is it quartz or quartzite? What is the difference between a rock and a mineral? Or between a gem and mineral? Just how old is that fossil? Find out from the experts what minerals, rocks, or fossils are hiding in your collection.

Welcome to our Mineral Mondays Online Edition!  To learn more about rocks, minerals and fossils watch these videos (click the hyperlinks to be redirected).

To see specific Mineral Mondays-Online Edition!, please click the links below:

Mineral Mondays is now available online*!

Our experts in Paleontology, Geology/Mineralogy, Volcanology, and Space Science are ready to examine your specimens.

In order to have your specimen reviewed, please send an e-mail with the following information to 

  • Please send at least 3 views/photos of the specimen with a ruler next to it for scale 
  • Please describe where you found it (location or general area) or where it sources from if you purchased it
  • Please note the size in centimeters (Length, width, and height)
  • Please describe the color and any features such as translucent, iridescent, chalky, etc.
  • Please include an e-mail so we can respond to you.

*Please note that not all specimens can be identified via photos.  Some specimens do require in-person inspections and tests to determine hardness or other qualities.  Submission of a specimen does not guarantee an identification.  Any photos submitted may be used on social media or the website as part of Mineral Monday.

Please collect responsibly and abide by all international, national, state, and local laws.

Want to try your own hand at Mineral Identification?  Then check out these sheets to help you test your specimens. Click on the links below to open the worksheets to help identify minerals and rocks.

Mineral ID Sheet (pdf)

How to Identify Rocks (pdf)

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