Meet New Mexico's giant dinosaurs, walk through a volcano or explore the solar system. The Museum's exhibits offer all this and more!

Download a map of the exhibits at the museum: [597kb .pdf]

Our core exhibits offer a journey through billions of years of New Mexico's natural history, from the formation of the universe to the present day.
Other Permanent Exhibits
Our permanent exhibits offer a rich variety of things to see and do. Meet dinosaurs, see a Mars Rover replica and a moon rock, discover New Mexico's wildlife or trace the history of the personal computer.
Temporary & Traveling Exhibits
There's always something new at the Museum! We offer regularly changing exhibitions from across the country and around the world, plus unique displays developed right here in New Mexico.
Online Exhibits
How much do you know about New Mexico's State Fossil? What sort of specimens do we have in our collections? Where can you see volcanoes in New Mexico? Find out in our online exhibits!