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Monday, October 20

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This professional development initiative will focus on how teachers are reflective in their practice with children AND within and among all of the adults who work with the children.
Safely view the only partial eclipse of the sun visible from North America for the next three years.
Join us for our Third Annual Fright Night! Adults 21+
Take a docent-led, fact-filled, fun, guided tour of the Museum exhibits.
On the first Sunday of every month, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is FREE to all New Mexico residents. Bring a NM ID or proof of residence. Regular admission fees apply for DynaTheather and Planetarium shows.

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New Mexico's Newest Dinosaur!

Meet Ziapelta, the newly found armored dinosaur that's making news around the world!

Opportunity Rover Breaks Distance Record!

The Opportunity Rover has traveled more than 25 miles on Mars, breaking previous Solar System distance record held by the Lunokhod Rover on the moon since 1973.

See the Elephant Butte Mastodon Skull!

Fossilworks volunteers are hard at work unearthing the stegomastodon skull that made news around the world!