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Pi Day Relaxed Night

Atrium and Planetarium

Relaxed Nights are evenings for anyone who might get overwhelmed by crowds, sounds, or flashing lights. The Museum will be sensory friendly with sounds turned down and the Bisti Beast resting (no movement or roaring).

This Relaxed Night coincides with Pi Day, since the date can be written as the first three digits of Pi: 3.14. Several fun activities demonstrating how Pi is used and exploring little-known ways in which math pops-up in daily life will be offered in the atrium and planetarium. Check back on this page for more details closer to the event.

To make this evening as accessible as possible, admission is by donation. This event is supported by the International Day of Mathematics and NASA.

Quasicrystalline Wickerwork | Read more about this mathamatical artwork.

Admission by Donation
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