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Young Explorers Camp Programs



  • All camps are for grades K-5th
  • Before care will be available from 7:30-8:30 every morning for $10/day 
  • Aftercare will be available from 4:00pm to 5:00pm every day for $10/day
  • Kindergarteners must have experience in full-day classes before attending.


Young Explorers Winter Camp 2019

Day 1 December 21st (Saturday)

Our Best Friend, the Bisti Beast (5yo – 12yo)

Once upon a time an enormous creature roamed New Mexico. It had fearsome teeth and terrible claws. Today we know it as the Bisti Beast, and this dinosaur can be seen and heard here at the museum! Join us as we learn all about this incredible dino and his Cretaceous colleagues. 


Day 2 December 26th

Dino Detectives (5yo – 12yo)

What does a pigeon have in common with a T. rex? They’re both dinosaurs! Don your paleontologist’s hat and join us as we travel to the past. We will explore what makes a dino a dino and learn about the environments they lived in! Dig in to the animal world of the past and learn all about life that lived alongside the dinosaurs. Explore Museum collections, make fossils, and discover all about life in ancient New Mexico


Day 3 December 27th

Ice Age Investigators (5yo – 12 yo)

Who came after the dinosaurs? How did humans survive on a world covered in megafauna, and what are megafauna? Why were wooly mammoths wooly and did they live in New Mexico? Join us as we launch an investigation into the Ice Age! Get inspired by creatures that survived in freezing temperatures as we create scientific art through doodling, sculpting, and other techniques. Come along as we explore the wide variety of artworks throughout the museum.


Day 4 December 28th (Saturday)

Awesome Astronomy (5yo – 12 yo)

Blast off on a celestial adventure through the solar system and beyond! Become a space explorer and investigate the Milky Way Galaxy with exciting activities and planetarium shows. We will explore a huge variety of celestial objects, space flight and so much more. Campers will enjoy all that the Museum has to offer including the planetarium!


Day 5 December 30th

STEM-ineers (5yo – 12 yo)

What happens when you mix together a little science, add in some technology, pepper in a helping of engineering, and sprinkle a bit of math into one person? A STEM-ineer appears!  Our STEM-ineers will focus on the exploration of light. It’s something we use and see every day, but do we really understand it? Come along as we delve into the science behind flashlights and sunlight. Get inspired by scientists and explore, experiment, and create in the setting of a natural history museum.


Day 6 January 2nd

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (5yo – 12 yo)

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. Join us as we discover why reducing, reusing and recycling are so important and how to make them fun. Instead of throwing recyclables away, come along as we repurpose everyday household items into works of art or items of practical use!


Day 7 January 3rd

Volcano Explorers (5yo – 12 yo)

Join us as we explore what makes a volcano a volcano! Delve into the huge varieties of volcanoes found in New Mexico and in outer space on other planets. We will explore the geology of volcanoes through hands on activities and Museum exhibits about volcanoes. Campers will enjoy all that the Museum has to offer including the Dyna-Theater show Volcanoes Fire of Creation!


· Price per camp: Full Time $90.00 (Members: $80.00) 

· Saturday, half day and full day options are now available 

· Half Time- Morning or afternoon $45.00 (Member: $40.00) 

· The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science reserves the right to cancel camps that do not reach a minimum of six participants. A full refund will be given if a camp is cancelled for this reason. 

· For more information about camps and financial support, contact Sioux Rivera, 505-258-8641.




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