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Garden Workshops for Families

Garden Workshops for Families provide opportunities for families with children ages 4 to 12 to explore biology, garden practices, soil science, water in the desert, and much more in an outdoor garden setting.  This program is hands-on and encourages independent exploration; we also utilize multi-media art including clay, poems, songs and stories.  Participants choose to attend all Friday or Saturday morning classes from 10-Noon.  Included is a healthy, theme-based snack and a take home packet.

Garden Workshops for Families - October 15, 2016

Discover the Fall Garden with your child – learn projects to do at home, such as planting bulbs & garlic, searching for seed shapes & sizes, making Prickly Pear dye & pie, learning about animals and plants in Winter, and, as always, making art in the garden.                                                  

Saturday, October 15th
10 am to Noon
$15 per child & 2 adults
$25 for 2 or 3 children & 2 adults –
Limited to 20 families.
Preregistration required.
Email this registration form to
or call 505 948-1615

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