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Titanic Education Resources

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

 Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is  a great catalyst for lessons in Science, History, Geography, Language Arts, Math and Technology. Many students are familiar with the compelling story behind the Ship's promised voyage and tragic demise. Innovative educational resources have been designed to link this built-in interest to classroom-friendly lessons that will generate student interest before your visit and extend student learning beyond your field trip.




Teacher's Guide

Our Teacher's Guide includes a Field Trip Scavenger Hunt plus classroom activities for elementary, middle, and high school levels aligned to National Academic Standards. These lessons, which come with ready-to-copy Student Activity Pages, are designd to be used  before, during, and after your field trip.

This Teacher's Guide features a variety of methods and projects for those educators who strive for differentiated instruction in their classrooms. It also highlights local Titanic passenger profiles and the local community history in 1912. While learning about Titanic, students can analyze primary sources, explore history through music, perform historical reenactments and sharpen their geography skills. Teachers will find something to engage students of all skill levels and interests.


Download the full Teacher's Guide [pdf]

Elementary School Teacher's Guide [pdf]

Middle School Teacher's Guide [pdf]

High School Teacher's Guide [pdf]

Guía del Profesor (Spanish Teacher's Guide) [pdf]