Larry S. Crumpler, Ph. D.

Research Curator, Volcanology and Space Science

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(Rover Field Reports from Mars)

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Larry's current research is divided between two topics: 1) young volcanic terrains in both New Mexico and Arizona, specializing in the physical processes of volcanism, particularly the relatively unstudied volcanology of late Cenozoic basaltic volcanism in New Mexico; and 2) geology of the terrestrial planets with emphasis on planetary volcanism. His field work has focused on geologic mapping in youthful volcanic terrains and the physical volcanology of lava flows. He has spear-headed several public education efforts in regional volcanism and local geology.

Larry has also participated in many NASA planetary missions over the years, including Viking, Pathfinder, and Mars Exploration Rover missions and Magellan synthetic aperture radar mapping missions to Venus. Currently he is a mission Science Team member on the Mars Exploration Rover ("MER") mission where he continues to play a leadership role in daily planning of Opportunity's "natural history" exploration of the surface of Mars. He is also  a Science Team Member on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter high-resolution camera ("HiRISE"). HiRISE is imaging the surface of Mars with resolutions of centimeters. He is also been a collaborator on the Mars Odyssey orbiter Gamma Ray Spectrometer ("GRS") instrument.


The Volcanoes of New Mexico

"New Mexico is a virtual outdoor museum of volcanic phenomena. My goal is to help everyone appreciate this and the fact that volcanoes are one of the single most important natural history characteristic that really sets New Mexico apart from most of the other Southwestern states. Every major type of volcanic landform occurs in New Mexico, including some of the largest and youngest lava flows and calderas, maars, shield volcanoes and many other volcanic landforms. And an exotic rift valley and classic 'layer-cake' geology have been added for visual beauty as well. It is like another planet."

Mars Rover Field Notes: 

A 21st century natural history expedition to another planet

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Selected Recent Publications


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