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Public Exhibit Opening and Artist-led Exhibit Tour for "Reclaimed Creations"

1801 Mountain Rd NW

Sayaka Ganz-Reclaimed Creations

Public Exhibit Opening and Artist-led Exhibit Tour

Friday, January 10, 2020

6:00 - 7:15pm

Meet the artist and accompany her on a walk-through of the exhibit.

Join us for the public opening of our new exhibit: Sayaka Ganz-Reclaimed Creations. This exhibit celebrates repurposing items and extending the life of everyday objects. 

Japanese artist Sayaka Ganz uses discarded and reclaimed household objects to create animal sculptures made of plastic spoons, spatulas and other reclaimed objects. Ganz’ love of animals is demonstrated in her exhibit which focuses on animals in motion.  Ganz classifies her work as “3-dimensional impressionism.”  Produced by David J. Wagner LLC. More information on

Cost: $5. Preregistration suggested.

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