The museum is currently seeking applicants for two positions:


This position will be responsible for teaching program content, including developing new programs, curriculum, lesson plans and activities using hands on science and other engaging techniques to be utilized in exhibits for science and natural history topics. Actively teach school groups of all ages, and administer outreach programs throughout the state. The position will provide training to interns, student workers, and volunteers in best practices of science education. The position will coordinate the Junior Docent Program, develop and write procedures, interpret data and findings into educational units and lesson plans. The position will be responsible for the development and program content and curriculum for distance learning and the Museums' website that explores ways of utilizing educational technology that engages students, teachers and the public.

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Security Guard Supervisor

The purpose of this position is to ensure that the security staff provides a safe and secure museum, protect all staff and visitors from harm, vandalism and theft and provide a positive experience for the visitors. The Security Guard needs to provide assistance with general upkeep of museum grounds and facilities, with frequent spot-checks in all public areas. The incumbent will conduct annual performance evaluations of security staff and work with the Deputy Director/Director in recommending disciplinary actions when necessary. This job needs to participate in conducting interviews and recommend applicants for various positions as needed for the department. The Security Guard ensures compliance of the department for personnel trainings, first aid and safety trainings. This job requires monitoring of the surveillance cameras, guard and patrol premises at each building and parking lots, to prevent theft, violence or illegal activities. Incumbent must  ensure that security files are created and up to date keeping track of public visitations to the museum, package arrivals, lost and found items, and daily security rounds. Security Guard will provide security and protection by ensuring that the museum has security staff available at all times for the safety of its visitors and staff, and that all exhibits are secure and not at risk of vandalism or theft. 

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The NM Museum of Natural History and Science is a Division of the State of New Mexico, Department of Cultural Affairs. For more information about State of New Mexico employment opportunities, visit the State Personnel Office web site.