Ecology Field Program

The main focus of the SMNHC, the Ecology Field Program (EFP)  teaches over 12,000 students, teachers, and chaperones each year.  Using the outdoors this program teaches students about the interconnectedness of the biotic and abiotic parts of an ecosystem with a hands-on scientific aproach.

The program normally consists of:
• 1/2-hour Ecosystem Introduction/Review
• 2-hour Nature Hike
• 1/2-hour Lunch Break
• Time permitting, a hands-on activity covering some aspect of ecology or conservation. Activities could include bug hunts, orienteering, or a scavenger hunt.

The EFP is geared towards the 5th grade but is well suited for grades 3 to 7. This program strives to serve all APS fifth-grade students as well as students from surrounding school districts. Students are introduced to ecosystems and human connections to ecosystems through a day of field explorations, discovery, and hands-on learning in the outdoors. The program is free of charge, however you will be responsible for your students' transportation to the center. All lessons and activities are aligned with the New Mexico state standards and benchmarks.  


To schedule a trip:

APS teachers contact:
Vince Case
(505) 281-5259
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Non-APS teachers contact:
Paul Mauermann
(505) 281-5259
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