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STARTUP Lesson Plans

The STARTUP activities range from having students create computer icons to having them dissect a computer. These fun-filled and informational activities are perfect for the classroom or preparing for a trip to STARTUP.

Selected Lesson Plans from STARTUP:

Vocabulary Webquest (116kb PDF)

This activity introduces twelve vocabulary words and phrases that students will encounter on a visit to the STARTUP Gallery. It also emphasizes the importance of authenticating information retrieved from online sources.

Peanut Butter and Jelly (60kb PDF)

This activity introduces the process of software development and composing lines of code that a computer understands. In a fun variation, students must write steps for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Creating an Icon (64kb PDF)

This activity introduces the concept of visual communication by way of the ubiquitous icon. Students will have the opportunity to create their own custom icons and give rationale for their designs.

Homebrew Letter Response (60kb PDF)

This activity introduces intellectual property as it pertains to computer software. Students will gain understanding of the two models of software development, and will formulate opinions on which model is preferable.

Interview about Computer Experience (64kb PDF)

In this activity, students interview family or community members about the evolving nature of computers, and will better understand how people have adapted to changing technical advances.

Biographical Sketch (68kb PDF)

This activity introduces biography writing and the steps involved. Students will better understand the research effort involved in writing a factually-accurate biography, and the choices a biographer must make.

The 1970s (64kb PDF)

This activity introduces the decade of the 1970s, including the economic, political, cultural, and technical aspects. Students will have a better understanding of what it was like to have lived during the 1970s.

Dissecting a Computer (100kb PDF)

In this hands-on activity, students learn the parts of a personal computer and how they are connected.

Invent Something (64kb PDF)

This activity introduces the creative process of invention. Students will have the opportunity to “invent” something for which they perceive a need, and then discuss how the invention came about.

Suggested Reading List (60kb PDF)

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