Education Resources

The Museum offers a wide range of lesson plans, worksheets, guides, and curricula designed to be used in your classroom and during a visit to the museum.

Museum Kits for Loan
The Museum offers four kits for loan. The kits for loan include Fossils, Minerals and Rocks, Birds, and Marine Invertebrates. There is no cost to check out these kits.
Museum Visit Activities
Find planning materials and fun assignments that can be completed during your trip the the museum.
Bosque Education Guide
This guide offers knowledge, ideas, and passion about a special ecosystem found along the rivers of New Mexico. The guide takes an interdisciplinary approach and includes activities that are both field based and classroom based.
Proyecto Futuro
Contains bilingual resource books of background information, activities and curriculum suggestions to help all educators teach others (Kindergarten through 12th grade students) about a variety of science topics.
Birds of Paradise Education Resources
Resources designed to enhance your visit to Birds of Paradise.
The STARTUP activities range from having students create computer icons to having them dissect a computer. These fun-filled and informational activities are perfect for the classroom or preparing for a trip to STARTUP.
Three Hundred Seconds of Science
Join Museum staff for 300 Seconds of Science, a weekly spot from the Museum and Good Day New Mexico, on KOB-TV Channel 4. Learn about dinosaurs, space, animals, exhibits, and more in these short clips!
Online Exhibits
Our online exhibits make it easy and fun to explore New Mexico's unique geology, biology, and paleontology all from the comfort of your computer!