Buettneria perfecta
Early amphibian - Adult and Juvenile
Pronunciation: butte-NAYR-ee-uh per-FECT-uh
Meaning: Named for a paleontologist, W.H. Buettner
Size: 6.9 feet/2.1 meters long
Diet: Meat Eater
Age: Late Triassic (220-205 million year ago)
Specimen Number: NMMNH P-36228, NMMNH P-36229
Location: Howard County, Texas
Image By: David Baccadutre
Date: Spring 2008

Amphibians nearly went extinct at the end of the Triassic. The shovel-headed amphibians that had been among the most common land animals since the Devonian almost disappeared, with only a few species surviving into the Jurassic. Buettneria became extinct during the Triassic.

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