Bosque Education Guide

This Guide is a resource book of background information, activities and curriculum suggestions to help all educators teach others (Kindergarten through 12th grade students) about the bosque. The Guide is a newly released major revision of the popular curriculum to teach about the Middle Rio Grande Valley ecosystem. The new edition is 621 pages and has activities for elementary through high school students. Click on the chapters below to find PDF downloads of selected content and activities.

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction presents the concept of using the bosque as a focus for instruction.
Chapter 2: Bosque Background
Chapter 2: Bosque Background includes background information on both the bosque and on many ecological concepts that are important for understanding the bosque.
Chapter 3: Going Out - Field Activities
Chapter 3: Going Out - Field Activities compiles an assortment of field activities to support multiple visits to the bosque. These include activities that support observation skills, as well as activities to develop critical thinking skills.
Chapter 4: River of Change
Chapter 4: River of Change is devoted to creating a cloth and paper model of the river valley that can be used for many lessons. The River of Change model, which is designed for classroom use, is unique to this program.
Chapter 5: Meandering Channels
Chapter 5: Meandering Channels compiles classroom and schoolyard-based activities that do not utilize the river model.
Chapter 6: Fire in the Rio Grande Bosque
Dry weather and a changes bosque ecosystem have made fires a common occurrence in recent years. Large bosque fires have increased public awareness of this fragile ecosystem, but there is still much to learn about riparian fires.
Chapter 7: Living Like We Love It
Chapter 7: Living Like We Love It - Service Learning and Outreach explores the potential of making the bosque a focal point for service-learning opportunities.