The Bosque Education Guide : PDF Downloads

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  1. Bosque Search Bingo
  2. Reading the Bosque
  3. Changing River Model Activity
  4. Who Grows Where
  5. Who Lives Where
  6. My Bosque Discovery Booklet
  7. Rio Bravo Information Cards
  8. Rio Bravo Model Pieces
  9. Rio Bravo Who Grows Where
  10. Rio Bravo Who Lives Where 1A
  11. Rio Bravo Who Lives Where 1B
  12. River of Change: Two Approaches
  13. Rio Manso Math Excercise
  14. Rio Manso Information Cards
  15. Rio Manso Model Pieces
  16. Rio Manso Who Grows Where
  17. Rio Manso Who Lives Where 2A
  18. Rio Manso Who Lives Where 2B
  19. Rio Nuevo Habitat Project Cards
  20. Rio Nuevo Information & Pieces
  21. Three Rivers



  1. Middle Rio Grande Valley
  2. New Mexico Rivers
  3. Rio Grande Basin
  4. Middle Rio Grande Valley Ecosystem


Fire in the Rio Grande Bosque:

  1. Introduction: Fire in the Bosque (1.4Mb PDF)
  2. Fire Vocabulary Matchup (260K PDF)
  3. Spectrum of Fires (384K PDF)
  4. Post-fire Survival of Bosque Trees (2.8Mb PDF)
  5. Naturalist Notebooks: Fire (468K PDF)
  6. Changing Fire (2.3Mb PDF)
  7. Full Chapter (all the above sections in a 6Mb PDF)
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